Card is updated with any new permissions, audit trail is uploaded, expiration date renewed and blacklist is written onto the credential.
In parallel, the UBOX sends the Wiegand code (customizable format) to the Integrator control panel.
The user permissions are verified according to the setting made by the Integrator.
The door opens if the user has been granted access according to the Integrator S/W.

Wall reader: “When a credential is presented to the SALTO updater, the credential´s audit trail is uploaded into the DB so it can be displayed in the Integrator´s GUI; Permissions are updated and the expiration date is renewed. Also, the blacklist is downloaded onto users’ credentials enabling the blacklist to be efficiently distributed throughout the building, thereby maximizing the installation’s security.”

UBOX: “SALTO H/W executes the updating process of credentials and communicates the user´s Wiegand code to the Integrator door controller so that the decision to grant access or not is taken exclusively according to the Integrator´s locking plan.”

SALTO S/W & database: “The SALTO service manages everything within the SALTO ecosystem, including the SHIP communications. However, although all the operations are governed by this hidden piece of SALTO S/W, the operations are triggered by the Integrator´s S/W.”

Integrator door controller: “H/W solution that controls the hard-wired door and is managed 100% by the Integrator´s system”

Integrator S/W: “The system operator triggers the SALTO operations from this GUI”

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